Virus Removals / System Reloads

We have cleaned thousands of computers. Everything from Apple repairs to Apple Repairs to Computer Repair as far as Smartphone Virus Repairs. They all need to be serviced. They can all get viruses. It is important to Back UP all information on any computer before bringing it into us. But we have a excellent track record for helping rescue tons of customers data that would have been lost. We have state of the art data recovery software, that has recovered data that has been lost to virus infections. Do not let your machine get infected beyond repair because then it will need to be reformatted, and you will risk losing or having your data encrypted. Which is the newest and maybe the worst virus infections out. So please do everyone a favor and bring in the Computers for a computer virus scan ASAP  before the issue complicates itself.

Notebook or Apple Cracked Screens or Physical Damage

We have been doing laptop screen replacements for years. If you are looking for he best price on a screen replacement.  Look no further Call Easy Computer Solutions today.  We provide the best services at the lowest cost! We can repair laptops that have the casing splitting. Which makes the Laptops feel like its about to split apart. We can repair Notebooks or Tablets then the casing are cracked or broken. We can fix the Hinges and back covers when they become damaged due to stress cracks as well. ECS focuses on providing the best service at the lowest cost possible. So we keep a supply of spare parts in house that can often speed up our repair times! Which means you can usually have your PC / Laptop / Tablet / Macbook or Game Console such as a PS4 or XBOX one the Same Day! If possible! We also replace broken Hard Drives, Damaged Keyboards / DVD Drives / USB Ports / HDMI Ports and Much Much More!!!

Apple Macbook, Airbook, Notebook & Tablet Liquid Damage / Motherboard Repairs & Replacements

Motherboard Repairs? What does that mean? Well, We remove the non-leaded solder spheres, put leaded spheres on the GPU and reattach it to the motherboard and then put the laptop back together. ECS also will clean the fan & heat sync unit as well as install copper shims on the GPU Video Chip (if needed) and always use Arctic MX-2 thermal paste (better than Arctic Silver 5) on the CPU. This will “help” make sure that this problem doesn’t come up again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. we will gladly answer questions before, during and after the sale! Again we try to be very quick to respond to all emails.  We work VERY hard for our customers so please email us before leaving any kind of feedback.
We are open to shipping anywhere.

We often get asked what brands and all do we service and what’s the difference between the different listings that we have? ECS currently works on ALL brands of motherboards and ALL system types. In addition to that I also work on Apple logic boards. We can do any MacBook as well as iMac video related repairs. In addition to that I also rework higher end desktop video cards and motherboard only. Please call Easy Computer Solutions @ (619) 806 2876 or visit us at our Chula Vista location.

List of Electronic Repair Services Offered at our Chula Vista, CA Location:

Chula Vista Playstation Repair

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The above list is not a complete list of electronic repairs offered. To learn whether we service the repairs you require, please call us at (619) 806 2876 for a free consultation and diagnostics.