Motherboard Liquid Damage Notebook
Macbook Pro Repair
No Power Fix
Playstation 4 & Xbox One Repairs
Laptop or Electronic D/C or Power Jack Repair
Laptop / Desktop / Macbook Pro No Video
Computer / Macbook Pro No Sound fix
Computer / Macbook pro No Power or Blinking LED Fix
Notebook / Macbook Pro Random power failures / Rebooting
Notebook / Desktop / iMac / Macbook Pro Video Card Repairs & Replacements
Playstation 4 HDMI or Computer / Macbook Pro HDMI jack or USB jack Repairs
Playstation 4 Blu Ray Disc Drive Repairs and Replacements
Xbox One Disc Reader Repair and Replacements
Computer Insurance Estimates for Insurance Claims
Internal Cooling System Clean up / Dusting
Touchscreen Laptop Screen replacement
Apple Macbook Pro or Laptop Screen Replacements
Notebook / Computer & Macbook Pro Virus Removals
iPad / Microsoft Surface Pro Replace Cracked Digitizer LCD
LED Screens Repairs on Macbook / PC / Tablet / Notebook / or iMAC & more
Playstation 4 or Macbook Pro Hard Drive Repairs or Replacements
Data Recovery or Data Rescue
Software Installations or Reloads
Memory / RAM Upgrades
Operating System (OS) updates to keep your technology fresh.
Hoverboard Repairs
GPS Repairs
DVR Repairs
Component Level Soldering for Electronic Devices
Microsoft Surface Pro Screen Replacement and Repairs
Playstation 4 Power Supply Replacements and Repairs
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Spilling liquid on your electronics can be stressful, frustrating and down-right inconvenient. Depending on where the spill happened and what areas of your electronic were damaged, it can mean a simple, low-cost repair to a complete replacement of a motherboard- which can range in price.

Fortunately, our computer techs at Easy Computer Solutions have over a decade of experience repairing water-damaged devices. If you’ve reached us in search for quick and dependable liquid damage repair, contact our store today to setup a free diagnostics and price estimate.

What Does The Service Include?:

In a liquid computer repair, our process involved removing the non-leaded solder spheres and placing leaded spheres on the GPU. Once that’s completed we reattach to the motherboard and put the device back in its original form.

Easy Computer Solutions also offers a complementary fan and device cleaning with each service. We offer an installation of copper shims on GPU Video Chip and Arctic MX-2 thermal paste (better than Arctic Silver 5) on the CPU. This will “help” make sure that this problem doesn’t come up again.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at – (619) 806-2876. We will gladly answer questions for you and try to be as quick as possible in responding to emails.

We Offer Ship In Service

We often get asked what brands and all do we service and what’s the difference between the different listings that we have? ECS currently works on ALL brands of motherboards and ALL system types. In addition to that I also work on Apple logic boards. We can do any MacBook as well as iMac video related repairs. In addition to that I also rework higher end desktop video cards and motherboard only. Please call Easy Computer Solutions @ (619) 806 2876

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