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Apple & PC Computer Repair Services Offered in San Diego, CA:

Easy Computer Solutions has been helping the Chula Vista and San Diego with their computing/electronic needs for the past 16+ years. We have a trained staff dedicated to provided quality & affordable services that remain unmatched by our competition. We are conveniently located right near the I-5 Freeway on 3rd Ave in the heart of Chula Vista! We specialize in Laptop / Notebook Screen Replacements, Motherboard Repairs, Liquid Repairs on Motherboards, Keyboard Replacements, Hard Drive upgrades and replacements, Memory/RAM upgrades or Replacements + much much more!!  We also work on pretty much any electronic including Playstation, Navigation ( GPS ) Systems, Xbox, Nintendo consoles, Projectors. We can fix it all the question is. Is it worth it? Call us today for a free and quick consultation at (619) 8062876 !

Gaming PC Repairs

Chula Vista, CA Electronic Repair Service

Motherboard Liquid

Damage Notebook

Macbook Pro Repair

No Power Fix

Playstation 4 & Xbox

One Repairs

Touchscreen Laptop

Screen replacement

Apple Macbook & Desktop Screen Replacements

Notebook / Computer & Macbook Pro Virus Removals

iPad / Microsoft Surface Pro

Computer Cracked Screen Replacement

LED Screens Repairs on Macbook / PC / Tablet / Notebook / or iMAC & more

Notebook / Desktop / iMac / Macbook Pro Video Card Repairs & Replacements

Computer Insurance Estimates for Insurance Claims

Laptop or Electronic D/C or Power Jack Repair

Video/Sound Errors in PC, Apple, MacBook Computers 

Macbook pro No Power/ Blinking LED Repairs

Power failures / Rebooting

Playstation 4 HDMI or Computer / Macbook Pro HDMI jack or USB jack Repairs

Playstation 4 Blu Ray Disc Drive Repairs and Replacements

Playstation 4 Power Supply Replacements and Repairs

Playstation 4 or Macbook Pro Hard Drive Repairs or Replacements

Xbox One Disc Reader Repair & Replacement

Internal Cooling System Clean up / Dusting

Samsung Tablet Repair

Apple Ipad Repair

Apple iPhone Repair

Data Recovery and/or Data Rescue of Internal Hard Drives

Operating System Reinstallations

Software Installations, Reloads & Upgrades

Virus Detection

Windows Installations

Software Installations or Reloads

Memory / RAM Upgrades

Operating System (OS) updates to keep your technology fresh.

Hoverboard Repairs

GPS Repairs

DVR Repairs

Component Level Soldering for Electronic Devices