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Apple & PC Computer Repair Services Offered in San Diego, CA:

Easy Computer Solutions has been helping the Chula Vista and San Diego with their computing/electronic needs for the past 16+ years. We have a trained staff dedicated to provided quality & affordable services that remain unmatched by our competition. We are conveniently located right near the I-5 Freeway on 3rd Ave in the heart of Chula Vista! We specialize in Laptop / Notebook Screen Replacements, Motherboard Repairs, Liquid Repairs on Motherboards, Keyboard Replacements, Hard Drive upgrades and replacements, Memory/RAM upgrades or Replacements + much much more!!  We also work on pretty much any electronic including Playstation, Navigation ( GPS ) Systems, Xbox, Nintendo consoles, Projectors. We can fix it all the question is. Is it worth it? Call us today for a free and quick consultation at (619) 8062876 !

Gaming PC Repairs

Chula Vista, CA Electronic Repair Service

Motherboard Liquid

Damage Notebook

Macbook Pro Repair

No Power Fix

Playstation 4 & Xbox

One Repairs

Touchscreen Laptop

Screen replacement

Apple Macbook & Desktop Screen Replacements

Notebook / Computer & Macbook Pro Virus Removals

iPad / Microsoft Surface Pro

Computer Cracked Screen Replacement

LED Screens Repairs on Macbook / PC / Tablet / Notebook / or iMAC & more

Notebook / Desktop / iMac / Macbook Pro Video Card Repairs & Replacements

Computer Insurance Estimates for Insurance Claims

Laptop or Electronic D/C or Power Jack Repair

Video/Sound Errors in PC, Apple, MacBook Computers 

Macbook pro No Power/ Blinking LED Repairs

Power failures / Rebooting

Playstation 4 HDMI or Computer / Macbook Pro HDMI jack or USB jack Repairs

Playstation 4 Blu Ray Disc Drive Repairs and Replacements

Playstation 4 Power Supply Replacements and Repairs

Playstation 4 or Macbook Pro Hard Drive Repairs or Replacements

Xbox One Disc Reader Repair & Replacement

Internal Cooling System Clean up / Dusting

Samsung Tablet Repair

Apple Ipad Repair

Apple iPhone Repair

Data Recovery and/or Data Rescue of Internal Hard Drives

Operating System Reinstallations

Software Installations, Reloads & Upgrades

Virus Detection

Windows Installations

Software Installations or Reloads

Memory / RAM Upgrades

Operating System (OS) updates to keep your technology fresh.

Hoverboard Repairs

GPS Repairs

DVR Repairs

Component Level Soldering for Electronic Devices

We provided the best services at the lowest cost & offer 30 day warranty on all our repairs.

Game Console / Playstation 4 & Xbox 1 Repairs

Contact Easy Computer Solutions today for the best prices in town on ANY Playstation 4, or electronic-related repair – (619) 806-2876!