If your laptop LCD is cracked, it will be pretty obvious. Sometimes it looks like a spider web or like a ink patch on your Screen / LCD. The only solution when this happens is to replace the LCD screen with a used or brand new one. Cracked LCD screens is not the only time we have to replace a screen on a device. In some cases, the light bulb inside the LCD screen goes bad, or a inverter which powers that LCD goes bad.


This is usually due to a bad backlight, or a bad inverter. The inverter is connected to the backlight bulb, and works like a Ballast to a Lightbulb. If the inverter is bad, We can replace it. If the backlight is bad, we are going to need to replace the entire LCD screen. Even though it is possible to replace a backlight, it is extremely difficult and the results are not always perfect, so replacing the Screen is the most effective and our best suggestion.


Laptop LCD screens are very part specific the model number on the actual LCD is the most important factor when determining a replacement. I.E It wont work with just any 15.4″ LCD screen. The connections on the LCD might be different, even from similar models of the same kind of laptop. We have vendors who work directly with us so we can get the parts with minimal turnaround time and cost. This means if you request rush service, we can have your screen replaced in under 24 hours. Of course with some exceptions if the screen you need is out of stock.

Virus Removal / Clean up

Viruses, trojans, keyloggers, malware, and even pop-up advertisements can all severely harm your computer and even your personal data!

It is important to keep your system clean of infections.  However, when you do get infected, make sure you bring your computer in so we can assess it ASAP.  In most cases we get the malicious software fully removed Or save your information before it becomes compromised.

San Diego Operating System Reloads

If your PC Laptop or Apple Macbook has Viruses, malware, internet toolbars you might need to get the system reinstalled. A fresh Windows installation will set your computer to factory defaults.  If a Windows reinstallation is needed to get your computer back on its feet.  If needed we can expertly repair your computer while saving your data and the original Windows installation.

How can I avoid getting computer virus’ in the first place?

Be Careful and wary of everything you download and install on your PC. When installed a program don’t just blow through the prompt accepting everything because what you are doing is allowing that installation to install more programs that you don’t need and will eventually become a nuisance slowing your machine down with pop ups. Also be careful when you download files and when you view your emails. Do not open things you do not recognize or seem off. That will launch the virus on your PC and cause issues.

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