What to know about your device Batteries and how to properly use them!

As technology evolves and becomes smarter so have the batteries that power them. Everyone buys electronics and never really learn the best and most efficient ways to properly charge your computer or device batteries. In this blog I will share some of the best methods of charging your devices and some of the worst things to do, In order to get the most out of your devices power.

Should we charge our batteries till they are completely charged and 100% full?

Once upon a time this was true. Back when nickel-based batteries were the typical batteries on mobile and laptop devices. Although they did work they had their flaws. If the Nickel based batteries weren’t properly charged completely they would retain the batteries life of when it was first used, which would lead to loss of capacity and longevity if they we not re-calibrated. Now that lithium-ion batteries is the norm, that is no longer true. Li-ion batteries don’t have “memory” and can be used right out of the box without being charged first. And wont be negatively affected.

Should we use the batteries till they are empty or 0%.

Like previously mentioned, Li-Ion batteries are smarter than what they used to be, they know when to stop charging but keeping a battery that is fully charged for prolonged periods without being used does affect the life of a Li-ion battery. They will go bad and begin to swell if you do not let the battery cycle. \

Can we extend the battery life by closing apps / programs.

When referring to computer / laptop devices closing a heavy load program like Photoshop or Auto CAD for example will help save some battery life because these programs use a lot of RAM and video memory which cause the computer / laptop to work harder which in turn affects the battery. In these cases I recommend to use the device plugged in which will turn off a lot of power saving features on your PC. If the battery on the device is completely charged, it does not need to be inside of the laptop for the computer to work if it is plugged in. Then just plug the battery back in before you unplug it and use it mobile.

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