Windows 7 soon to be no longer supported by Microsoft – A Few Things You Should Know

In the near future, January 14, 2020 to be exact Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and unfortunately a lot of problems and incompatibility issues will begin to occur on computers that fail to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you continue to use Windows 7 after it is no longer supported by Microsoft you should be aware of three things!

1.) Windows 7 will become less secure to use and more susceptible to Malware and Viruses.

Even before 2020, Windows 7 will become less safe and stable to use. Because Microsoft will start to lean off the effort of keeping Windows 7 in working compatabily with hardware and software required by websites and programs, it’ll gradually become obsolete and a unstable Operating Sytsem to use.

Malware is a big factor here too. New malware is being discovered on a near-daily basis. It’s a constant battle between Microsoft and Antiviruses to protect your computer. So the closer we get to January 14, 2020 the more exploits that Windows 7 users will encounter.

2.) Your current Programs and Software will begin to struggle with Windows 7.

Operating Systems are not the only software which requires updates and upgrades. Your programs will be applying new updates and they will move significantly further from Windows 7’s abilities.

3.) Your going to stay stuck in the past and miss out!

Older operating systems are not just exploted and unstable, they’re also loaded with outdated programs that do not do you any good. They don’t possess the features and functionality you’ll find in an up-to-date operating system or program.


We can upgrade your older laptops with Windows 10 for a very low cost which would make your system work with current websites and programs. We can save the data and information and bring it along to the new Windows 10 Operating System. We can usually take care of this system upgrade for a low cost and very fast. Most times the same day if not by the next day!

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