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Our amazing service and fast turnaround. Honest service and amazing reputation in San Diego! Our return customers and word of mouth referrals are key to our existence we have been helping San Diegans with their computing needs for more than a decade.

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TroubleShooting Tips:

What to do if your computer is not getting any power at all.

If the computer does not turn on and does not show any sign of life, these few tips might help you determine the issue. First of all, make sure that all the connections leading to the wall outlet are intact and connected tightly. If that does not work. Plug a different device into the outlet to be sure that the outlet is providing adequate power. If that does not work try a different OEM Adapter. If it still does not work you are going to need to bring it in.

What to do if your computer screen is just blank.

First, check if the monitor is pluged into the device with a nice tight fit then make sure it is connected to the power outlet, and of course make sure the monitor power LED is on. If the power LED is not on, it means that the outlet is not delivering power to the monitor. This can be caused by either a faulty outlet or a Bad Board inside of the Monitor.

What to do if your Computer or PC is getting a lot of pop up and not working correctly.

If the Operating System or any other software is unresponsive or does not respond normally I would suggest to follow these few tips. Restart your PC or Computer and run a virus scan. I would also suggest backing up the data to a external source ASAP and if it still is not working correctly bring it in to us for a fast affordable service!

What do I do if I crack my LCD?

Bring it in for a fast friendly and affordable quote at no cost!!

What do I do if my Playstation 4 is not getting any video?

This can be caused by one of two things. You either have a bad HDMI port. Or a bad GPU/CPU on the motherboard of the PS4. If the Playstation 4 beeps blue then turns white. It is very possible your HDMI has suffered some type of physical damage and needs to be replaced. If the light keeps blinking blue. Then it is very possible that the Motherboard on your playstation is having some type of hardware issue. If your Playstation 4 is having these issues. Bring it in to our store for a FREE / AFFORDABLE / AND FAST Estimate & Quote!

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